Virtual twins for metallized paper

AR Metallizing Packle

Contrary to popular belief, virtual twins don’t always require a 3D or CAD model. Our good friends at AR Metalizzing wondered if we could help them represent their products digitally and virtually online and across other client touchpoints. AR Metallizing is the leading, global manufacturer of metallized paper, foils, packaging and labeling solutions. They were looking for ways to inspire and market their shiny products without having to rely on physical samples and experience the hassle that goes with that.

"Shiny materials require dynamic imagery"
"Interaction is the best introduction, the first encounter"
"All this interaction data will help us refine our product offering"

Project highlights

Inspiring designers

In essence, AR Metallizing produces and sells metallized paper. Their clients use that paper to produce, print and make labels, envelopes, commercial prints, gift wrap, food wrap, packagings, boxes, blisters and boards and a plethora of other applications. We wanted to inspire designers to adopt these materials into their set of tools and skills. Whatever industry they might be working in.. AR Metallizing has the product for them to stand out! To exhibit these fantastic materials in the right way, we designed a series of premium packagings catering to a few strategic industries, which we visualize and make interactive in a myriad of ways.

Shiny materials require dynamic imagery

Material interaction

Instead of explaining or showing, we let users interact with the (virtual) material in different ways. Doing so, we make space for the client to really get to know the product. We dont’ know what clients will think of eventually, all we can do is help them in a deep understanding of the product and its possibilities. Besides product photography and video, each industry ambassador product has its own online 3D viewer so people can have a unique experience in which they are in total control, magnifying the aspects of the product that sparks their interests.

Interaction is the best introduction, the first encounter


when designing paper products like labels or packaging, we would like our products to stand out. To catch the attention of the observer and to tell our story, to convey a feeling. Besides being inspired, we also need to understand what is artisically and technically feasible. To this end, we developed an online configurator in which one can get to know the different types, grades and finishes AR Metallizing offers. In this configurator it is also possible to view the base metallic effect sthat can be attained by printing cerntain colors and inks over the base paper.

All this interaction data will help us refine our product offering

An ongoing conversation

10 years from now, AR Metallizing will probably still be amazed by all the creative applications clients designed and got out of their materials. We dont’ know what clients will think of eventually, all we can do is help them in a deep understanding of the product and its possibilities so they can start their exploration. Analysis of the use of the website and other applications will onlyempower us to keep catering to those needs with ever-sharper tools. To cater to this exploratory phase... we’re working on something new. Watch our space and you’ll find out soon enough!

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