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Optimum Sorting

Optimum Sorting is a Belgian company that designs and produces high-end industrial sorting machines. They were looking for new ways to explain the USP’s and workings of their unique sorting machines to prospective clients without having to ship the physical machines over for every fair. Optimum sorting needed a solution that enables people to experience their room-sized sorting machines and systems. Aeroplane built everything directly in the Unreal Game Engine. This method allows us to reduce cost for our clients by making content once, and leveraging it towards different purposes like renders, animations, VR and AR for example.

"Building a Virtual Twin Studio"
"3D content was created once and leveraged for renders, animations and VR."
"Enable people to experience your product in VR on fairs and conferences"

Project highlights

Optimum sorting was looking for a new salestool for huge industrial machines.

Aeroplane responded by building a “Virtual Twin Studio”. We made virtual and interactive versions of the TriPlus, Nexus and Focus machine. This enables their clients to interact with them in a totally new and immersive way on fairs and conferences.

Building a Virtual Twin Studio

Renders and animations are very quickly co-created.

Aeroplane built everything directly in a game engine. This method allowed us to reduce cost for our client by making content once and leverage it for renders, animations and virtual reality.

3D content was created once and leveraged for renders, animations and VR.

Environmental impact

Optimum Sorting has always shipped their products to fairs and conferences. Because of VR, time and money once spent on cargo ships, freight trailers, transport companies, insurance, tracking, installing, testing and so on... can now be reduced to a minimum.

Enable people to experience your product in VR on fairs and conferences


With all of this 3D content made, Optimum Sorting is ready to approach their market in a totally immersive way. Their clients can look at the machines in VR, turn on slow motion and understand in an interactive way how the machines sort products. Their camera and laser technology is explained visually, so prospective clients understand it faster and can make better informed decisions about which machine fits their needs.

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