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FlandersBio Game

Flanders.BIO is an independent lifesciences cluster organization based in Flanders, Belgium. For one of their fairs, we developed a VR game that explains the “WHY” and the “HOW” of the Synaptics deep brain stimulator in a fun and engaging way!

"Explaining complex information, easily, in VR"
"Using gamification techniques, triggers and rewards"
"Make information fun and immersive"

Project highlights

Synaptics deep brain stimulator

This deep brain stimulator was designed by Achilles. It consists of a brain-implanted electrode connected to a chest-implanted battery and processing unit. Peripherals are the charger and the calibration device. The medical product enables people who suffer from essential Tremor, to dissipate their tremors and raise their quality of life.

explaining complex information, easily, in VR

Passive observer VS active participant

Usually when we learn something new, we’re put in front of new knowledge as a passive observer. However, we’re slowly starting to realise, even in our schools, that the best way to actually learn and remember something, is to actively experience it in a multi-sensory way and preferably emotionally stacked! Enter virtual reality...

Using gamification techniques, triggers and rewards

Make information fun and immersive

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