Embodied Virtual Reality for

Audi, Kuka and Achilles

In 2017, we participated in a research project concerning the interaction between humans and cobots (collaborative robots). Together with Audi, Kuka, FRS Robotics and Achilles Design we built a Virtual Prototyping Space for Cobot interactions.

"What are Cobots anyways?"
"Projection-based Augmented Reality"
"Embodied Virtual Reality"

Project highlights

Cobots explained

Cobots are industrial robots specifically designed for cooperation with humans. These smaller robots don’t reside in cages or behind fences, and do not work autonomously. Instead, they work side-by-side with human operators on a common task. Operators can directly interact with them by touch, voice, or other means.

What are Cobots anyways?

Interacting with cobots

For the first part of this ongoing project, we explored in what ways one can interact with a cobot.

Projection-based Augmented Reality

Augmented reality as a projection

We decided to visualize the measured adhesion quality, not on a separate display, but by projecting directly on the physical door panel itself. This opened up a range of other interactive possibilities with the cobot and drove the design of the whole setup.

Embodied Virtual Reality


In order to study the interaction further, Achilles decided to include VR. We built a physical model of the setup, but without the cobot. Together with Achilles, we mapped a virtual setup with the cobot over the physical setup, creating a virtual world with tactile information. We call this EMBODIED VR, a fruitful method to further explore cobot behaviour.

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